Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello out there!

I'm wondering if you might feel this way too....... Monday Mornings always scare me. I'd like to sleep through them, actually. Sunday is my day to ignore all obligations, forget about bills and problems and pretend all is well in my world. So that sets up Monday morning as a reality check and these days - that's not fun. In fact, it can be down right scary. So......I've decided that I need to view Monday differently. Maybe designate Monday as....... say, Cleaning Day. However, that is definitely NOT something I look forward to either. Let's face it....I'm not a planner or a list follower. I do get a lot done, but not always what is important to do. I create pretty things. That should be my only job, Right??? The rest of the ugly stuff should be handled by someone else, someone who's passion lies in detail and organization. Right? Oh for life to be so simple.

So, getting through the day without at least a panic attack or two, high anxiety being normal, is usually Monday's main task. I've tried many different tactics, avoidance and denial being the most often applied. And how's that working for me????? Ha! Not well. So, today I'll tackle things head on. That should be interesting.........................maybe I'll just crochet a little something first.

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