Friday, February 20, 2009

Come On In, the Water's Fine!!!!!

So, I'm new to blogs as you will discover easily. Not classy and professional YET, but give me time. Just started reading a few blogs around the first of the year when it was too cold to go outside and I was feeling rather lonely and unfocused. At first, I felt like I was somewhat of a voyeur.......then realized I was not only learning new things, I was finding a re-awakening of my crochet passion for one thing. Needed that to offset the gray winter with some lively colors. Thanks to some lovely ladies in Britain, who love to crochet and enjoy life's simple blessings, I found a way to actually enjoy this winter even in the midst of such a horrid recession. I sell my crochet items on with so many creative people. I also sell a little on ebay and Craig's List. I'll post links to my items as soon as I get more organized in this endeavor to communicate, provide information, entertain and hopefully create a fun sanctuary for those of you out there like me......who have a lot to share, but little time to connect the "old fashioned" way. :D

Thanks for visiting and hope you find something to make your day brighter here. I plan on adding music, some videos of fun, educational and entertaining items, a couple games. In otherwords, providing a place you all like to come and hang out.

Blessings, Namaste', TaTa & Gooday to all,

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