Thursday, April 23, 2009

Planning Mother's Day & The Garden

Good Morning All!

Today seems like a perfect day for me to make plans, organize, get a handle on some loose ends and half-formed ideas. I have been getting ready for Mother's Day for about a month now. So, things are well formed and handled as far as making some hooky gifts to give and to sell. (Picture above is one example. See more in my Etsy Store )I'm ready in that department, but as far as personal plans.....still up in the air. What would my mom like to do? If it's a warm sunny day, I suspect she'd like to go for a nice drive and have lunch somewhere quaint. I'm thinking about the crowds too. So, I should have two plans maybe. One that involves a mountain lake and a picnic basket, and one that involves a nice cafe' in the lovely little town of Jacksonville. Oh, I'd better get some pictures for you who don't live in this area. It's such a picturesque place. Well, that's what I'm working on in my head today. What are you working on? Your garden???????

My Garden.........

Well now, is that pitiful or what???? I'll have an update or two tomorrow, hopefully. The tomatoes and other tender starts will go in next week when the night temps are more reliable. Love those fresh veggies and herbs. This is the smallest area we've ever had for gardening, but it's OK. We can always dig up the grass if we need more space considering the prices in the grocery store. Maybe I should consider more canning this year, especially fruit. Must decide.

So, time to get myself together today. Hope you have a wonderful one. And if you're having trouble getting out of your own way today - just start thinking about what you can do for someone else and go do it. That's what I'm doing today. Thinking about myself is just tiring!



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