Monday, June 8, 2009

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And 1/2 finished projects

Dad asked me yesterday what the date was the last time he was in the hospital. I drew a blank even though it was just a couple weeks ago. I had to come home and shuffle papers and then that didn't seem right either. So, I went to my blog to find out exactly the time line of his last two trips to the Hospital. Time really gets away from a person. Some people remember dates of everything so clearly, but my days seem to all melt into one another. I'm always promising myself I'll put everything down in my day timer, but that's not a physical thing anymore. It involves sitting at the computer, not opening a leather bound binder filled with sticky notes. I'm missing that, actually. I'm wanting the hand written word back. However..........I'm getting a vision of a perfectly ordered life on my computer, complete with pictures, dates, receipts. So incredibly orderly and perfect. My life in review. Kind of like a romantic movie. All scripted with lovely and perfect backgrounds, wardrobes. Sigh..........

WHO AM I KIDDING????? I would Just not get to it for days, weeks. There would be big blanks and there I'd be.....shuffling papers again, trying to figure out what the date was on the last hospital visit, just like today. Oh to be that orderly person I can be in brief segments.......ALL THE TIME! The person who ends the day with 15 minutes at the desk, stapling the notes and receipts to the "daily" page with a few scribbled highlights of the day in my own handwriting. some nice photos of the roses, my latest crochet creation, my loved ones, the sky, the sunset. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. That's just my fantasy self/life.

However, today I will make more of an effort to be orderly and have information at my fingertips. And I'll finish that tote too! Now........where did I put that note to myself about the hospital dates??????????

Hoping you have an orderly, yet extraordinary day!



  1. Well you sound just like me! as I sit here with a pile of papers and receipts....yuk. Love the bag.x

  2. me word verification for my comment was.....uranit...I think I am lolxx


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