Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Memorial Day Weekend to Remember

What can I say? This was the worst weekend I can ever remember. I woke up early Saturday morning to the phone ringing. My mom was telling me dad was in the hospital and had a touch of pneumonia. Said he was OK and would be spending the night at least. Dad just had his pacemaker replaced two weeks ago, and I had been concerned because he wasn't getting his groove back very fast. This explained it.
Later in the day, my sweetie told me his back pain had gone beyond the point where any amount of Ibuprophen was going to help, and tearfully stated he'd had enough and we should go to emergency. So, dad on the 3rd floor, and Rayne on the 1st floor. They gave him a shot in each cheek and took an xray. The good news is, no cracks or breaks in his spine, but symptoms of nerve damage are real and must be followed up with an MRI in the near future. For now, it's medication to take down the swelling and give those nerves time to heal if they will. This is so difficult for a man who is always on the move......Mr. Fixit........a gardener......a furniture refinisher.....a home remodeler, to be in bed for months is very, very difficult. Whew! What a weekend.
Dad is home, with meds, with a no-salt diet, with hope to get better so he can tend his garden this summer. Speaking of which.......I'm on my way over there with dinner and to transplant the tomato plants. Here are some pics from the last few days.
Took a little chicken noodle casserole to mom and dad along with some jello salad, some ensure and straws to drink it down. Mom is looking too skinny! I told her how to mix some instant coffee in it and add ice. It'll taste like an iced Mocha!!!! :D

My roses! They are spectacular and abundant this spring. I have spent every available hour trimming, feeding, spraying, the past few evenings to calm down from the hectic days.

These intense Pinks are glorious and the yellows so sweet!

Is this the perfect pink rose, or what?!!!!!

And this coral.........arousing!!!!

So, now mom is not feeling well. She's very tired and woozy, she says. It could be stress. It could be more. If she's not better tomorrow when I do the plantings, we will be going to the hospital.......again! What did I do to deserve this?????? Guess I'd better speed up the crocheting. When I crochet a lot, things seem to go smoother. Let's see.........what shall I attempt now? Any ideas?

Until tomorrow,
Hug with your eyes like a puppy or kitty if you can't hug with your arms.
Moonie Girl


  1. Hi Moonie,
    Sorry to hear you're having a bad time of it. Re: the rose petal jam, I have the info here but am busy preparing for a craft fair on Saturday so if you can bear with me for a week, I'll get back to you about it then. Hope this weekend is better for you.
    Hen x

  2. Moonie Darlin', glad your Dad is getting on his feet, pneumonia is nothing to play with! I certainly hope your Beloved will do well, and the MRI shows nothing more than a bit of strain that rest and exercise will handle... I am sure of it! Your poor Mother is probably just stressed out. That's something you're going to be if you're not careful! Have a nice cup of tea and enjoy your beautiful roses!


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