Saturday, May 16, 2009

City Wide Yard Sales 2 Counties!!!

OMG! I have never seen so many yard/garage/estate sales in my life!!!! And I would have if they had happened. Sign of the times, I guess. People are getting rid of excess to fatten their wallets, or - in my case - to pay the utility bills, etc. Street after street of sales. We had planned to go to nearby towns also, but ran out of energy, time AND $$$. It was like a treasure hunt that paid off.

For my sweety, it's almost his birthday, so when I saw the high back black leather swivel office chair.......I bolted for it. Talked them down $5 to $20 and stuffed it in the trunk. Also found a brand new in box French Mandolin veggie slicer in stainless with all the goodies. He's always wanted one of those.....$5

Then, for me...........Oh my goodness..........I hit the mother lode!!!!!

These totes are absolutely fabulous!!!!! The blue stripy one is enormous. It will hold an afghan and have plenty of room to spare. Canvas, lined with waterproof nylon. Almost new - $2 Yummy! I was so excited. Then I found the pink stripy one with leather bottom, straps and lovely lining. NEW! $8. Plus a leather strappy bag I haven't taken a picture of as it's dark brown and doesn't show off well. It was $10 because it's a Tignanello!!!!!!!!! Made me palpitate!!! So many exclamation points here. was just so much fun.

Oh...........the recipe cards and box......these are so cute with the most adoragle fairies on them. I'm usually not a fairy person, but these are really special. High Quality. $2. for the box full.

Now..........for those of you who know I'm crazy about making hats.........I found a beautiful hat box too plus photo box - both beautifully lined. $4 for both. Aaahhhhhh!

So, tonight I'm really wasted! Wore myself out having so much fun. So, when I discovered a puddle of water under the sink, it just didn't seem that traumatic. We both got on our hands and knees, removed the disposal, which was loose and the leaker, re-attached it tightly and didn't have a nervous breakdown over it.

I will stay home tomorrow. I will, I will. Surely all the good stuff is already gone. Right? Don't you think? Besides......need to vacuum, dust, clean out the closet. Oh dear......I'd better go look at all my neat new-to-me treasures again.

Have a happy weekend,

Moonie girl

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